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BARC's The BI Survey 16

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The Business Application Research Center's (BARC) The BI Survey is the globe's largest annual, and vendor independent, worldwide study of Business Intelligence (BI) software users. The BI Survey 16 is the 2016 edition, and sixteenth iteration, of the study.

The survey offers insight into how and why organizations utilize BI technologies, and offers direct – apples–for–apples – comparisons between the BI market's premier BI products across important functional, performance, scalability and support criteria.

Download this report to discover why Yellowfin's BI platform is "consistently top-ranked" for Innovation, Collaboration and ease-of-use in BARC's The BI Survey.

"Yellowfin receives excellent customer feedback for its innovation above all else, achieving excellent results in this category over the last six years. Collaboration is Yellowfin's truly unique selling point. Many other BI vendors provide collaboration and workflow capabilities, but Yellowfin beats them on several counts."

– Founder and CEO of BARC, Dr Carsten Bange

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